Kobi Oren

kobiprofileKobi Oren is the first Israeli runner to take first place in international multi day ultramarathons and he has established his reputation as an outstanding runner in the sport. In 2016, his victory  in a Ten-day Multi Day Race in Queens NYC, placed him first place in the world for Ten-day races, and forth in the all-time world ranking.

Kobi Oren, born April 20, 1972, is an Israeli ultramarathon runner who has set new standards for ultramarathon runs in Israel. His achievements in recent years have transcended the country’s borders as he has taken first place in several international multi day ultramarathons.

Kobi, who was born and raised in Haifa, began running while in junior high school. After completing his military service in a reconnaissance unit, he began his studies in Psychology and at the same time returned to running, progressing from short runs to marathons.

Kobi, who is married and father of four, is a certified clinical psychologist with a private practice in Kiryat Tivon where he treats children, adolescents and adults. He also instructs parents and provides support for couples and families as they undergo change processes. Kobi also coaches runners who are willing to work hard to achieve their objectives, whether they are novice runners or experienced runners preparing for marathons and ultramarathons in Israel and worldwide.

Kobi’s background as a psychologist enables him to make the training experience for those he coaches much deeper and more enjoyable, as he combines elements from the emotional and the physical worlds to create an extraordinary process.


Kobi earned his B.A in Psychology and a general B.A at Haifa University and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev.


After an injury, Kobi began to run outdoors in 2008, including ultramarathons (races of more than 42.195 km, the distance of a marathon).

In 2008 he ran his first ultramarathon of 80 km. Later that year, he was part of the 200 km tandem relay team in the  “Mountain to Valley”   Run, where he took second place.

With his love for the ultramarathon world Kobi urged Israeli race organizers to develop more challenging ultramarathon events, which until then had not been offered  in Israel: for example, the 129 km event that was introduced in the “Mountain to Valley” Race. One year later, he took second place in that race.

New Records in Ultramarathons in Israel

Kobi’s love for ultramarathons and for new challenges, led him to urge the introduction of ultramarathon events both as a participant and as a promoter, and encouraged others to organize such events

In recent years, Kobi has set records never achieved before in Israel. As a resident of the Galilee, Kobi continues to combine his love for running with his love for the landscapes of his childhood. This led to his participation in the new and challenging “Sovev Emek” race in the Jezreel Valley:

In November 2010 he participated in the first ultramarathon to be held as part of the “Sovev Emek” run, where he competed in the 60 km event.

A year later he won the first endurance race in Israel, covering a distance of 168 km in a circular open field route over 24 hours.

In 2012, he covered 265 km and set the first Israeli record for continuous running in an ultramarathon event.

And in 2013 he set a new record for the route and for races in Israel, running 424 km in 86 hours.

International and multi day races

2013 was the year in which Kobi Oren broke into the world of international multi day races. But it was in 2014 that he reached serious distances and won a series of international multi day races with distances that met international standards.

In 2014, Kobi took first place in three multi day races in which the winner was determined by the longest distance covered in a given time period:

A 6-day race in Greece, which Kobi won by traversing 768 km

A 6-day race in France, which Kobi won by running 739 km

A 10-day race in South Africa, in which Kobi ran the inconceivable distance of 1113.9 km

He became the first Israeli in history to run such a distance and also took his place among the leading runners in the world for such events.

In July 2015, Kobi won another 6-day race held in Norway, and thus maintained his eighth-place world standing in this event.

July 2016, Kobi came in first, in a Ten-day Multi Day Race that took place in NYC, covering 1215 km, breaking his personal record. This race placed Kobi – first place in the world in 2016 for Ten-day races, and forth in the all-time world ranking