Workshops and lectures can be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups –
as a single meeting or as a series of meetings, or as part of intensive study days.

Army-Bound: Self-Fulfillment

Target population: Pre-recruitment adolescents

The journey that adolescents experience as they prepare for and then enter the army is complex – emotionally, mentally and physically. This journey is characterized by a departure from the comfortable, safe, protected and familiar “nursery-like” environment they know and the encounter with new and different environments and challenges. Some recruits prepare for the army at the physical level as well.

As a clinical psychologist who works with adolescents and as a coach and runner who has faced many difficult challenges, I invite pre-military youth to take a short mental journey with me that will challenge them, open a window in their minds and allow them to think in a manner that will help them to deal with the military experience.

Dealing with Significant Life Events / Stressful Events

Target population: Meeting/workshop suitable for groups/teams in work places and other groups that face challenges.

Throughout life each of us encounters events and predicaments in our private and work lives that may undermine us, even to the point of preventing us from fulfilling ourselves as planned. In this meeting I will describe points of difficulty and how I cope with them in multi day races. Then each of the participants will describe difficult situations they have faced and together we will discuss ideas and practical tools to help us cope with complex life situations by seeking and finding our own internal sources.

My Challenge and I – A Journey of Internal Coping

Target population: People who in engage in endurance sports – riding, swimming, running, etc.

We will begin with my own private journey as a multi day ultramarathoner.

This journey will highlight points along the way that all of us encounter during preparations for a challenge and for coping with the challenge itself.

As part of the meeting/workshop we will talk about:

The obstacles along the way, understanding internal resources vs. external loads, and dealing with internal negative thinking

We will learn about tools that can strengthen us and our personality as part of our training regime for our next objective.